David K. Joyce Minerals

Silver Minerals, Various Localities

Silver minerals are some of the most interesting and beautuful minerals (in my humble opinion). Here are some great examples.

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SilverSilver Minerals, Various Localities
  • Item #6849
  • Silver
  • 3.4x1.7x1.5 cm
  • Largest Crystal Size: 2mm
  • $25.00
  • Bonne Esperance Mine
  • Chanarcillo
  • tiny wires of silver are exposed in a vuggy quartz area in this quartz-galena-spaherite matrix. Classic silver area!
Proustite, SaffloriteSilver Minerals, Various Localities
  • Item #10353
  • Proustite, Safflorite
  • 3.6x3.1x4.4 cm
  • Largest Crystal Size: 1mm
  • $110.00
  • Schlema
  • Erzgebirge, Saxony
  • Oodles of deep-red, sharp crystals of one of the "ruby-silver" minerals from one of the old classic German localities! The matrix for the piece is mostly safflorite in botryodal aggregates of crystals. Really very nice! ex John Dagenais collection.
Silver, Fluorite, SphaleriteSilver Minerals, Various Localities
  • Item #14896
  • Silver, Fluorite, Sphalerite
  • 4.0x2.4x1.7 cm
  • Largest Crystal Size: 1mm
  • $75.00
  • Badger Mine
  • Gillies Township, nr. Thunder Bay
    Ontario, Canada
  • Beautiful, dendritic silver is encased in calcite and quartz and associated with black sphalerite in/on this specimen. Unusual locality!
SilverSilver Minerals, Various Localities
  • Item #16763
  • Silver
  • 11.3x5.0x4.5 cm
  • Largest Crystal Size: 4mm
  • $550.00
  • Batopilas

  • Mexico
  • A mass of finely crystallized native silver with some of the calcite etched away to better reveal the silver. There is a little wall rock attached to the bottom and that was the vein wall-contact. Really quite amazing.
Pyrargyrite, CalciteSilver Minerals, Various Localities
  • Item #17335
  • Pyrargyrite, Calcite
  • 7.4x5.2x2.5 cm
  • $125.00
  • Niederschlema
  • Saxony
  • There are clusters, mounds and individual small crystals of deep red pyrargyrite all over this fragment of calcite. There are three obvious mounds of crystals but also many tiny individual crystals here and there all over the piece. Classic Locality! Antique label affixed to the back of the specimen. Old pyrargyrite locality!
SilverSilver Minerals, Various Localities
  • Item #20138
  • Silver
  • 9.3x5.0x6.1 cm
  • Largest Crystal Size: 2mm
  • $95.00
  • Sierra Nevada Mine
  • Zacatecas
  • This specimen is a fragment of a galena/carbonate vein. On a couple of sides there is a coating of crystallized silver that, in open spaces manifests itself as wires. They are small but there is lots of silver on it! The galena is relatively fine grained and embedded in the carbonate. There are also small pyrite crystals embedded in the carbonate. The label says "argentite" as well but I cannot see any. Could be! It is accompanied by an antique Harvard Mineralogical Museum label.