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Hawleyite, Galena Hill, Mayo Mining District, Yukon

Here is an unusual mineral! These specimens all show yellow hawleyite, the cubic polymorph of greenockite. The hawleyite is mostly caked in and around corroded sphalerite which is embedded in carbonate, probably siderite matrix. I obtained these in exchange from a major museum and they have been x-rayed as hawleyite. You WON'T find them in the "50 Most Recent" feature of the home page.

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HawleyiteHawleyite, Galena Hill, Mayo Mining District, Yukon
  • Item #17881
  • Hawleyite
  • 5.9x5.2x2.0 cm
  • Largest Crystal Size: n/a
  • $65.00
  • Galena Hill
  • Mayo Mining District
    Yukon, Canada
  • Rich coatings of bright yellow hawleyite in casts of a now-dissolved mineral. Matrix is mostly carbonate (probably siderite), pyrite and a little galena.