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Bolivian minerals -Stannite, Andorite

Bolivia is famous for rare minerals and, particularly for rare sulphosalts. Specimens of stannite and andorite are particularly good from Bolivia. Here are some very good examples!

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Stannite, Andorite, ZinkeniteBolivian minerals -Stannite, Andorite
  • Item #17526
  • Stannite, Andorite, Zinkenite
  • 4x3x2 cm
  • Largest Crystal Size: 1cm
  • $160.00
  • San Jose Mine
  • Oruro
  • Here is a nice combination of these two minerals. Three twinned stannite crystals site perfectly exposed on a much larger andorite crystal, with zinkenite crystal spears around much of the andorite crystal. The back of the andorite crystal is partially coated with an unknown oxidation mineral that reminds me of a bismuth, arsenic or antimony oxide. A special piece!
Stannite, Andorite, PyriteBolivian minerals -Stannite, Andorite
  • Item #17527
  • Stannite, Andorite, Pyrite
  • 7x5.5x3 cm
  • Largest Crystal Size: 2cm
  • $240.00
  • San Jose Mine
  • Oruro
  • Here is a nice one! This specimen consists of a mound of small pyrite crystals that serve as a base for two stannite crystals and two andorite crystals. The stannite crystals are typical complexly twinned, equant crystals with imprints of zinkenite crystals. One of the andorite crystals has fairly well-formed faces while the other is fairy distorted. Shows very well!