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Bismuth, Nickeline, etc., Port Radium, Northwest Territories

Way back in 1929, a famous prospector and mining man, Gilbert Labine, prospected using bush planes, a novel method of covering ground in those days. In that year, he discovered rich mineralization around Great Bear Lake and in 1930, returned to discover rich Cobalt/Silver/bismuth and uraninite veins. Of course, the Eldorado Mine was developed and produced these minerals for many years. The Rldorado Mine was most famous for supplying the radium for the Manhattan Project. Here are some rich nickel bismuth and cobalt specimens from Port Radium.

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Nickeline, Bismuth, SkutteruditeBismuth, Nickeline, etc., Port Radium, Northwest Territories
  • Item #17402
  • Nickeline, Bismuth, Skutterudite
  • 7.5x5.4x3.9 cm
  • Largest Crystal Size: n/a
  • $60.00
  • Port Radium
  • Great Bear Lake
    Northwest Territories, Canada
  • This specimen is a rich mixture of mostly nickeline, patches of native bismuth with small quartz crystals embedded in the mineralization. Sawn on one side to better reveal the texture mineralization texture. Rich! Heavy!