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Mont Saint-Hilaire, Charmarite-2H, 3T

This a very rare mineral at Mont Saint-Hilaire, the type locality for Charmarite. Some of these specimens have both variants on them; the elongated, tapered prismatic crystals and the platy, flat crystals that are often intergrown and oriented at 90 degreed to the columnar crystals. Rare, exceptional specimens!

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Charmarite-3TMont Saint-Hilaire, Charmarite-2H, 3T
  • Item #16837
  • Charmarite-3T
  • 2.8x1.8x1.6 cm
  • Largest Crystal Size: micro
  • $65.00
  • Mont Saint-Hilaire
  • Monteregie
    Quebec, Canada
  • This cavity contains an excellent prism of charmarite that spans the height. Very good example of this very are mineral from the type locality.